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Astral -Logic Consulting

Mary Katherine Kracht, Astrologer

Spiritual Guidance using Astrology, Numerology and Tarot

623 215 5289


Epic Truth

MK Weale, Astrologer

Professional astrologer since 2004

Astrology  Specialties: Sidereal Astrologer specializing in Life Path, natal, transits, declinations, planetary cycle analysis, and predictive/mundane.

My focus is on helping people understand the energy profile of their birth chart and their life path purpose.  I  also specialize in analysis and make predictions of mundane charts of businesses, government, cities, and countries.



Social Media: "Epic Truth" channel on Youtube, 


Robert Wilkinson, Astrologer

I am a practicing professional Astrologer with almost 50 years counseling individuals, groups, and corporations how to navigate life changes requiring wise choices. I am the author and publisher of Aquarius Papers – Global Astrology, the oldest and largest free website of its kind covering astrology, music, metaphysics, culture, and the human condition. I have two Astrological books in print: A New Look at Mercury Retrograde and Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend 

I have taught hundreds of astrological topics to individuals and groups at all levels and presented at numerous mass gatherings and special events. I assist those who want better lives and relationships, a clearer sense of purpose about what’s going on and why, and inner peace with the destiny they are here to fulfill.


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